Give Input on New Red Bike Station Locations

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The City of Newport has received a Transportation Alternatives Grant from OKI Regional Council of Governments to install additional Red Bike Stations in the City.  The Red Bike project continues to be part of an overall effort to enhance the Newport community and provide transportation alternatives. 

As part of this continuing effort, we want your suggestions!   The City has partnered with Red Bike and River City News to create a survey to find out where you think the new stations should go.  

Click here to provide your thoughts!

In addition to improvements to the City of Newport, communities surrounding Newport (Cincinnati, Covington, Bellevue), have already installed Red Bike stations or plan to install stations, making the installation of additional Red Bike stations in Newport part of the overall reach and continuation of Red Bike in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Currently there are Red Bike Stations at the 700 block of Monmouth Street, at Sixth & Washington Streets, and in two locations along Third Street at Newport on the Levee.  

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