The Newport City Commission

Newport has a Board of Commissioners and operates under a City Manager form of government. In Kentucky, prior to legislative reform effective in 2015, cities were divided into classes based on population and Newport was classified as a city of the Second Class, but is now a "Home Rule" city and still operates with a five member Board of Commissioners and a City Manager. 

The Newport Board of Commissioners, consisting of an elected mayor and four elected commissioners, meets on Mondays according to a schedule published at the beginning of each year. Typically there is a caucus style meeting on a Monday early in the month with a regular meeting two weeks later. The meeting schedule is adjusted slightly in the summer and when dates would coincide with holidays. (This is why a schedule is set and published for the year rather than setting “first and third” or “second and fourth” Mondays and then adjusting each time those dates conflict with state and federal holidays that tend to fall on Mondays.)

Both caucus and regular meetings are held at 7 p.m. in the multi-purpose room on the first floor of the City Building at 998 Monmouth Street. The caucus meeting is for discussion and is open to the public but not televised. At regular meetings the Board addresses business matters and votes on legislation; these meetings are open to the public and televised via live feed to a public access cable Channel 13 in Campbell County on Time Warner Cable.

Occasionally there is pressing business that requires an additional special meeting be added to the schedule. In such instances, the date, time, and agenda are sent to the media and a notice is hung at the city building at least 24 hours in advance of the special meeting. 

Bios and contact information for the individual board members is available here.

Board Cuts Ribbon at 2013 Italianfest Opening Night

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