City Ordinances

City Ordinances passed through the end of 2016 have been incorporated in an update to our City Code of Ordinances.

The most recent copy of the Newport Code of Ordinances can be searched online.

If you would like a copy of an ordinance, please use an Open Records Request Form.


Publication of Ordinances Adopted in 2018 and 2019

A change by the Kentucky Legislature in 2018 allows publication of Ordinances online on the City website rather than running lengthy and expensive advertisement in the newspaper. Beginning with Ordinances requiring publication in July 2018, these publications will be listed below for a period of one year. A brief ad with URL reference is published in the newspaper.

O-2019-011 New Chapter 94 Trees. Adopted 7/22/19, published online 7/23/19.

O-2019-019 Rental Dwelling Licenses and Inspections. Adopted 6/17/19, published online 6/18/19.

O-2019-018 Amending Chapter 111. Adopted 6/17/19, published online 6/18/19.

O-2019-017 Regulatory Fee. Adopted 6/17/19, published online 6/18/19.

O-2019-016 Adopting FY 19-20 Budget. Adopted 6/17/19, published online 6/18/19.

O-2019-015 Amending FY 18-19 Budget. Adopted 6/17/19, published online 6/18/19.

O-2019-014 CPI Determinant for Business Licenses. Adopted 6/11/19, published online 6/18/19.

O-2019-013 Trapp Alley Closing. Adopted 6/11/19, published online 6/18/19.

O-2019-012 Eliminating Tree Board. Adopted 6/11/9, published online 6/18/19.

O-2019-010 Planning and Zoning Commission meetings. Adopted 6/10/19, published online 6/18/19.

O-2019-009 Closing Parts of Pines and Miller Alleys. Adopted 5/20/19, published online 5/21/19.

O-2019-008 Permitting Non-exclusive Franchise Agreements for Cellular & Wireless Systems and Services. Adopted 5/20/19, published online 5/21/19.

O-2019-007 Amending FY 2018-2019 Budget. Adopted 5/20/19, published online 5/21/19.

O-2019-006 Amending Chapter 37.150. Adopted 3/25/19, published onine 3/26/19.

O-2019-005 Amends Zoning Ordinance on Cellular Antenna and Small Cell System Towers. Adopted 3/25/19, published online 3/26/19.

 O-2019-003 Adopting a Supplement to the Codification. Adopted 2/25/19, published online 2/26/19.

O-2019-002 Closing a Portion of Central Ave. Adopted 1/28/19, published online 1/29/19.

O-2019-001 Issuance of $1.5 m General Obligation Notes Adopted 1/14/19, published online 1/14/19.

O-2018-013 Amending the one-way street schedule in Chapter 73 of the Codification. Adopted 11/26/18, published online 11/27/18. 

O-2018-012 Amending O-2007-016 regarding designation of the Development Plan for the Ovation Project. Adopted 11/26/18, published online 11/27/18.

O-2018-011 Amending Section 15.7, Table 16 of the Zoning Ordinance concerning permitted use and location of signs. Adopted 9/18/18, published online 9/27/18.

O-2018-010 Assessing Ad Valorem Taxes/Setting Property Tax Rates. Adopted 9/18/18, published online 9/27/18.

O-2018-009 Amending Section 31.46 of the Codification concerning the Code Enforcement Department. Adopted 8/20/18, published online 8/21/18. 

O-2018-008 Amending Section 31.42 of the Codification concerning the Office of the City Manager. Adopted 8/20/18, published online 8/21/18.  

O-2018-007 Amending Section 31.43 of the Codification concerning the Department of Finance. Adopted 8/20/18, published online 8/21/18.

O-2018-006 Amending Section 31.13 of the Codification concerning the Acting City Manager. Adopted 8/20/18, published online 8/21/18.

O-2018-005 Closing and Vacating Part of an Unnamed Alley. Adopted 8/20/19, published online 8/21/18.

O-2018-004 Adopting FY 2018-2019 Budget. Adopted 6/19/18, published online 6/20/18.

O-2018-003 Amending FY 2017-2018 Budget. Adoped 6/19/18, published online 6/20/18. 


Commonly Requested Ordinances

A few of the most commonly requested ordinances are also listed here for your convenience. 

O-2014-005 Vacant Foreclosed Property Registration

O-2015-013 Storage Devices on Public Ways

O-2016-003 Electrical Inspection Fee Schedule

O-2016-004 Animal License and Registration

O-2016-014 Reasonable Accommodation (Note: see also O-2017-003, Amendments)

Other Ordinances of interest, adopted in 2017, and to be included in the next codification update (planned for December 2018) have been added below.

O-2017-001 Composition of Historic Preservation Commission

O-2017-002 JDIP (Job Development Incentive Program) Definitions and Eligibility

O-2017-003 Reasonable Accommodation Amendments (See also O-2016-014)

O-2017-008 Adoption of FY 2017-2018 Budget

O-2017-014 Amendments to Chapter 111 of the Codification on Alcoholic Beverage Licenses

O-2017-015 Adoption of Ad Valorem Tax for Fiscal Year 2017-2018

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