City Ordinances

City Ordinances passed through the end of 2014 have been incorporated in an update to our City Code of Ordinances.

The most recent copy of the Newport Code of Ordinances can be searched online.

If you would like a copy of an ordinance, please use an Open Records Request Form.

Ordinances adopted in 2015 and 2016 have been added below.

A few of the most commonly requested ordinances are also listed here for your convenience. 

O-2014-005 Vacant Foreclosed Property Registration

O-2015-001 Historic Landmark Status at 17 East Sixth Street

O-2015-002 Closing of a portion of Pines Alley

O-2015-003 JDIP Program

O-2015-004 Changing a portion of Sixteenth Street to One-Way Traffic

O-2015-005 Adopting a supplement to the Codification

O-2015-006 Assessment Roll of the County and Property Tax Collections

O-2015-007 Amending the FY 2014-2015 Budget

O-2015-008 Adopting the FY 2015-2016 Budget

O-2015-009 Closing a portion of Putnam Street

O-2015-010 Bond Refunding

O-2015-011 Adopting a Property Tax Rate

O-2015-012 Bond Issue

O-2015-013 Storage Devices on Public Ways

O-2015-014 Expanding the Facade Improvement District 

O-2016-001 First Supplemental Trust Indenture concerning bonds

O-2016-002 Amending Budget for CDBG Funds

O-2016-003 Electrical Inspection Fee Schedule

O-2016-004 Animal License and Registration

O-2016-014 Reasonable Accommodation (Note: see also O-2017-003, Amendments)

O-2017-003 Reasonable Accommodation Amendments (See also O-2016-014)

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