Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Director is responsible for building inspections throughout the city. 

Code Enforcement is responsible for issues affecting quality of life. Through the enforcement of adopted building codes, property maintenance codes, and City ordinances the Department regulates building construction, housing standards, and animal control.


To report violations you may email or call 859.292.3637 to report complaints such as high grass or weeds, building violations, problems concerning pets or stray animals, or if you observe a vacant property that is unsecure. Your complaint will be added to the current inspection list. Following inspections where violations are found, the property owner will be notified with instructions and a deadline to bring violations into compliance and the property will be scheduled for follow-up inspection. IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you reach voicemail, please realize that this department receives a very high volume of calls with only a very small staff to answer calls, assist visitors, perform inspections and follow ups, etc. Therefore we ask that you please leave a voicemail message including your name, phone number, and the reason for your call. You may report problems anonymously however it is best that you leave a phone number in case we need to call you back to get more information or to confirm the location. If the information you left on voicemail is complete we will proceed with the inspection protocol outlined above and will not be calling you back unless you specifically asked for a return call.

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Building Permits

For construction the Code Enforcement Division is responsible to accept applications for building permits, review submitted plans, issue permits, and provide inspections to assure compliance with all applicable building codes. Most building permits are processed within fourteen business days. 

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For housing the Code Enforcement Division patrols the City and responds to complaints inspecting properties to insure compliance with adopted minimum housing standards.

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Animal Control

For Animal Control the Code Enforcement Division patrols the City and responds to citizen´s complaints to insure compliance with adopted animal regulations. Newport has a leash law and a scoop law.

Newport has a vicious animal ordinance (which by definition includes any dogs displaying a vicious tendency and specifically American Pit Bull Terriers or American Staffordshire Terriers/Staffordshire Bull Terriers). Vicious dogs must be kenneled or, when being walked, must be muzzled and on a leash not exceeding six feet in length. Vicious dogs must be licensed by the City. Visit the 2nd floor of the city building at 998 Monmouth to license a vicious dog. In addition to proof of rabies vaccination and proof that the dog has been microchipped, owners of vicious dogs must show proof of liability insurance or homeowners' or renters' insurance coverage in a minimum amount of $100,000 protecting against injury caused by such dog.

All dogs must have a dog license from the County - visit the Campbell County building at 1098 Monmouth. Looking for a lost dog? Contact the Campbell County Animal Shelter

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Contact Information

To contact the Code Enforcement Department during normal business hours, call 859.292.3637. For Code Enforcement assistance on weekdays after 5 p.m. or on weekends, contact the Newport Police Department at 859.292.3629.

Brian Steffen, Director of Code Enforcement 859.292.3655
Joy Rovno, Administrative Assistant 859.292.3637
Mike Cronin, Code Enforcement Officer 859.655.6345
Allyson Schaefer, Animal Control Officer 859.292.3637
Daylin Garland, Code Enforcement Officer 859.292.3637

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Policy of Non-Discrimination


This notice is published pursuant to the requirements of 24 CFR Part 8 Nondiscrimination Based on Handicap in Federally-Assisted Programs and Activities of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, as published in the Federal Register on June 2, 1988. Section 8.4 prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals because of their handicap status.

The City of Newport advises the public, employees and job applicants that it does not discriminate on the basis of handicapped status in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its programs and activities.

The City of Newport has designated the following person(s) as the contact to coordinate efforts to comply with this requirement. Inquiries should be directed to: Thomas J. Fromme, City Manager, 998 Monmouth St., Newport, KY 41071, 859.292.3687, TDD 1.800.648.6057, Office hours are Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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Lienholder Notification System

As a result of new legislation approved by the State of Kentucky in 2016 (HB 422/KRS 65.8836), cities are required to create a Lienholder Notification System that provides lienholders and other interested parties with electronic notifications of all final orders filed by the City of Newport.

A Final Order means any order issued by the Code Enforcement Board in accordance with City of Newport, Kentucky Commissioners Ordinance No. O-2016-019 and Chapter 32 of the Newport Code of Ordinances that is: not appealed; created because a violator neither paid nor contested the citation as provided in Chapter 32; or created because a violator failed to appear at a hearing the violator requested to contest the citation as provided in Chapter 32.

Approximately every 10 days, the information is posted on the City website and sent electronically (emailed) to the parties who have submitted the request form. Please complete the form and return it if you would like to receive email notifications of final orders. Individuals and entities, including but not limited to lienholders, may register with the office of the City Clerk to receive the notifications which are emailed approximately every 10 days. You may submit this form via: email; regular mail (City of Newport, Attn: Amy Able, 998 Monmouth St., Newport, KY 41071); facsimile (marked Attn: Amy Able at 859.292.3669); or hand delivery (marked Attn: Amy Able, 998 Monmouth St., 2nd Floor).

For other issues or charges pertaining to a specific piece of property, contact Code Enforcement at 859.292.3637.

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