Newport Fire Stations

NFD Downtown Headquarters Built in 1997

Downtown Headquarters

Since 1995

998 Monmouth Street
Newport, KY 41071
(859) 292-3616
Fax (859) 292-3636

Chief 950

Command 951
Engine Company 901
Truck Company 911
Medic Unit 981
Medic Unit 982
(Reserve) M-980 & E-902


NFD Fire Station 2 call the HILL

South Newport

Since 1935

171 Main Street
Newport, KY 41071
(859) 292-3631

Engine Company 903



The goal of the Training Division is to offer quality training for each member at every level of the Fire Department. In addition to structural firefighting strategy and tactics, the Training Division also prepares and delivers in-house training to develop our engineers, company officers, and command officers.

EMS Training for EMT-Basics and Paramedics is administered through the EMS Training Committee under the direction of the EMS Coordinator.

Fire Training is conducted at the Company and Shift levels. Company Officers are responsible for planning and conducting a limited amount of company training from elective lesson plans to meet specific company needs. On Shift Fire Training is administered by the Fire Training Committee under the direction of the Training Officer. The Fire Training Committee is composed of experienced fire instructors from each shift that translate shift input into a training schedule that meets the department’s needs and requirements. Mutual aid departments are invited to participate in shift training and can contact a member of the Training Committee on their shift for specific dates and times of Shift Training. The Training Officer also ensures compliance with State and Federal training requirements as well as proper documentation and recordkeeping.

Contact Information: Training Officer Capt. Matt Pleiman (859) 292-3616

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Local 45

On February 28, 1918 the labor organization Newport Firefighters Local 45 was established and became one of the original charter members of the International Association of Firefighters. The Newport Professional Firefighters Local 45 is dedicated to protecting rights and safety of its members.  In 1928, Newport Firefighters Local 45 withdrew from the IAFF because of dissension and discouragement.  On March 22nd 1934, Newport Firefighters were successful in re-organizing as Newport Firefighters Association NO. 386 and remained this way until 1995. On March 14th 1995, the local was successful in having the original Local 45 charter reissued.  The local became Newport Professional Firefighters Local 45.  

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 2020 Pierce Enforcer Pumper

Engine Company 901: 2020 Pierce Enforcer; 1500 gpm, single stage Waterous pump, 750 gallon tank

Engine Company 903

Engine Company 903: 2017 Pierce Enforcer; 1500 gpm, single stage Waterous pump, 500 gallon tank

Truck Co 911 2010 E One HP 100 Aerial

Truck Company 911: 2010 E-ONE HP 100 Ladder; 100 Foot Al. Ladder Cyclone II Chassis; 2000 gpm, QMAX Pump, 500 gallon tank

Medic 981

Medic Unit 981: 2015 Ford F450 Horton

Newport Medic 982

Medic Unit 982: 2018 Ford F550 Horton

2018 Ford Police Interceptor

Unit 951: (Shift Commander):  2018 Ford Interceptor

2016 Ford Explorer SUV

Unit 950: (Chief Car): 2016 Ford Explorer

Unit 931 2005 Ford F350 Utility Truck

Unit 931: 2005 Ford F350 

1996 Spartan/Ferrara fire Engine

Engine Company 902 (Spare): 1996 Spartan/Ferrara Pumper; 1500 gpm, single stage Hale pump, 750 gallon tank (Formerly Engine 903 & 901)

2006 Ford/Horton Ambulance

Medic Unit 980 (Spare): 2006 Ford F450 Horton

RETIRED Apparatus

Engine Company 902 1989 Seagrave Pumper Spare

Served as Engine Company 901 and 902:  1989 Seagrave; 1500gpm 2 stage bronz pump; 750 gallon tank

Medic Unit 982 2006 International AEV

Served as Medic Unit 982 and 980 (Reserve):  2006 International AEV

  Engine Co 901 1989 Seagrave

Served as Squrt Company 901 and Engine Company 901: 1989 Seagrave Squirt; 54' squirt boom; 1500 gpm, 2 stage, bronze Waterous pump; 500 gallon tank

Retired Truck Company 912 1989 Grumman Aerial Cat

Served as Truck Company 912: 1989 Grumman Aerial Cat 121ft, 1500gpm Hale pump, 150 gallon Tank.

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