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The Newport Police Department is Pleased to be a State Accredited Agency

Benefits of Accreditation

The Newport Police Department has been accredited through the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police (KACP) since 1997. This process brought about several positive changes to the department. One of the most important is the way that we do business. This agency thrives on community relations and being people oriented. This changed the attitude of how citizens in the community and other peers in the law enforcement community view the agency.
The accreditation process with its state accepted standards not only ensures that the agency says it is doing something, but puts checks and balances in place to ensure that the agency is walking the walk. It gives the agency the tools that it needs to effectively make decisions concerning the budget, manpower, developing future plans, and many other areas. The agency has also received monetary benefits from the accreditation process. The years prior to being accredited were riddled with lawsuits and high liability issues. The Kentucky Municipal Risk Management Association (KMRMA) dropped the City from its insurance coverage due to these high claims. Following accreditation, KMRMA took the agency back into its insurance pool due to the decreased amount of lawsuits and liability claims. Other benefits included increased officer pay, better equipment, increased training and more accountability within the agency and community.
Professionalism begins with guidelines that state what is required to do the right thing. But it goes far beyond these guidelines; it must be a mentality that is instilled in the men and women who work for you to make the accreditation process work. Without the support and hard dedicated work of these professionals the accreditation process would be impossible to maintain. My hat goes off to the men and women of the Newport Police Department and the hard work that they do every single day to maintain these high standards. These professional standards should be the norm for all police agencies around the world and I highly recommend the accreditation process.
Christopher Fangman
Chief of Police

Vision Statement

We envision the Newport Police Department as the benchmark of professionalism and leadership, not only in Northern Kentucky, but statewide. By taking an aggressive stance against criminal activity, utilizing traditional and progressive means, we assist in creating a safer, more productive city. By working with citizens and businesses, we can continue to assist in the economic redevelopment of Newport and make Newport a truly vibrant community.

NPD Command Staff

Mission Statement

•To establish partnerships with all members of our community: citizens, businesses and schools
•To proactively solve problems which will reduce the calls for service
•To embrace technological advances, and to use these advances to assist in our service delivery to the community
•To be responsive to the needs of our community in addressing school issues, gangs, graffiti and quality of life issues that affect all of us
We have the capabilities to work with the community and solve these problems. Solving these problems will truly make Newport a great community and show the citizens the professionalism of the Newport Police Department.

Values Statement

These values are what make a Newport Police Officer what he or she is. They are simple, yet very important, and are the foundation upon which the Newport Police Department stands to provide a professional service to all.
Honesty - the single most reliable mark of an officer's value. Honesty is dealing in a straightforward and open manner with all members of the public and the department.
Professionalism - Being professional means being punctual, courteous, prepared and well groomed. It also means having and showing respect for every person an officer encounters.
Loyalty - Loyalty encompasses many things. You must be loyal to the city, to the Newport Police, and most importantly, to your peers. Supervisors must display loyalty to their subordinates, as subordinates must be loyal to their supervisors.
Attention to Detail - If it's worth doing, it's worth doing thoroughly. Attention to detail is the mark of the professional.
Adaptability - Officers must maintain flexibility with a high degree of performance. An officer's job is never the same from one day to the next. He or she must be able to make changes and still perform the job to the highest degree.
Courage - Officers must have the strength to challenge adversity when faced with it in their daily routine. Mental and physical preparedness are essential to handle the challenges of the job.

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