City Clerk

The City Clerk performs various professional, managerial duties as indicated in the Kentucky Revised Statues and the Newport Municipal Code.


The mission of the City Clerk is to provide public information, to provide support to the Board of Commissioners, and to preserve the legislative history of the City.

Legislative & Administrative Responsibilities

The City Clerk facilitates the execution of official and legislative processes. This includes publication of meeting schedules, agendas, and public hearing notices for the Board of Commissioners as required by law, attesting to the passing of all orders and ordinances, managing the recruitment process for positions on Boards and Commissions, updating the codified ordinances, providing legislative certifications as needed, maintaining the roster of City Boards and Commissions, and attending all City Commission meetings.

Open Records Requests

The City Clerk is the official custodian of records for the City. If you would like to make an open records request, it should be submitted to the City Clerk via regular mail, via hand delivery to the city building, emailed to the City Clerk.

Records Management

The City Clerk records official actions and legislation of the municipal government, documenting the proceedings of meetings in the official minutes and retaining other legal and historical records. Records are maintained and preserved while providing appropriate public access. The City Clerk inventories, transfers, stores, retrieves, destroys, and properly maintains City records and information according to state statute, and helps to preserve City history. The City Clerk is responsible for training City departments concerning records management systems, policies, standards and guidelines.

Primary functions in the area of records management include research, records management, and archiving. These functions include managing the receipt, preservation, and distribution of a number of City documents including, but not limited to: ordinances, orders, resolutions, approved minutes, and contracts. The City Clerk is called upon to assist City employees in maintaining and finding records efficiently and cost-effectively. Skilled management of records is essential so that the City identifies records with permanent value, retains records it is required to keep, and disposes of those with no further value in a secure and timely manner.