1. 1800s - Beginnings
  2. Early 1900s
  3. 1970s & 1980s
  4. 1990s
  5. 2000s

Washington Fire Engine and Hose Company1795 - The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky passed, on December 14th, an act to establish the town of Newport

1800 -  A typical fire company had eight men, five horses, three hose reels, a ladder truck, 165 fireplugs and 27 signal boxes.

1836 - March 9, 1836 the first attempt to establish a fire department by The Town Fathers.

1845 - Four Fire Wardens were appointed along with the town leaders to organize and direct citizens who may be present during a fire to help extinguish the fire and protect property.

Cataract Hose Carriage1851 - With approval by the City Commissioners, a fire engine called "Cateract" and a hose carriage called "Pioneer" was purchased from the Independence Fire Company #2 of Cincinnati  for $500.  Temporary fire quarters were built in the rear of the Court House until a lot could be secured for a firehouse.

1852 - In March, a hose carriage built by J & B Bruse and Company was delivered. Hose was purchased and Samuel Cummins built a fire engine, which was named the “Torrent.”  By this time the County Clerk's office was moved to Alexandria so the decision was made to convert the old Clerk's office to house the new fire department.

1854 - On March 15, the fire department was established through incorporation. It was named the Washington Fire Engine and Hose Company Number 1.

1861 - On March 27th 1861 Samuel Barber became the first firefighter killed in the line of duty in Northern Kentucky by being struck in the back of the head by a piece of the roof from the Art Palace fire.

1866 - After several attempts to build a firehouse, a building contract was issued to P. H. Wilson. Construction, was completed by October 25, 1866 and dedicated November 4, 1866. The building was named “Washington Hall” located at 10 East Fourth Street.

1868 - City of Newport Purchased a steam fire engine from Amos Keag Manufacturing which was named Newport Number 1. The equipment cost was $2,189.55 and was housed at 10 East Fourth Street.

1868 - June 9, 1868, the City of Newport passed an ordinance that created the first steam fire engine company, establishing the beginning of a paid fire department. Soon after the ordinance passed the volunteer group disbanded. All of their effects were given to the City of Newport and all monies in the treasury were divided among all members in good standing on December 18, 1869.

1885  - Fire Company Number 2 (also known as Phoenix Fire Company Number 2) opened on the East side of Monmouth, between Williamson (11th Street) and Tibbatts (10th Street), roughly where Combined Lock Service sits today. The house was built to serve the south end of town, as well as the burgeoning East side.

1872 - The City of Newport established a fire-alarm system with boxes at certain intersections. Residents were instructed on proper use of these boxes.

Fire Company 1 in 19001891 - Purchased a ladder wagon with a 60-foot extension ladder and additional assorted ladders named "A.S. Berry"

1892 - The Clifton German Methodist Mission laid the cornerstone for their new chapel on October 30 in the area of "Lindsey Hill" which later became Clifton.  The chapel was completed and dedicated on May 22, 1893.

1893 - The Fire Department installed a telegraph system to better utilize their resources in order to never leave the City of Newport without fire protection.

1894 - The Fire Department operated three stations:

Horse Drawn Fire Wagon1896 - Fire Department budget amounted to $11,264. (approximately $183,600 in modern currency)

For any information on the history of Newport Fire Department, or to provide any historic pictures, please contact Battalion Chief Jeff Stahl at 859-292-3616