Street Sweeping

The Public Works Department routinely cleans the entire street grid of Newport a monthly basis from March through November.  Signs, like the one shown in the picture, are posted throughout the City and details the exact street sweeping times.  Please abide by the posted no parking signs in the neighborhoods.Street Sweeping

Our crews frequently work in rainy weather since "sweeping" when the road is wet can be more effective. Secondly, there are times that the street sweeper needs to return to make a second pass. Having the path clear for the street sweeper is the best way for you to help us keep the streets clean. Cars can be ticketed during the posted days and times for street sweeping.

Please do not blow grass clippings, debris, and litter into the street because this can clog the storm sewer basins and cause localized flooding.

If the temperatures drop below freezing, the street sweeper is unable to operate.