Reference Library

The Newport Historic Preservation Office has a collection of books available for your use, as does the Newport Branch of the Campbell County Public Library. The Office also maintains subscriptions to several journals, from which many of the articles have been cataloged. If you have an interest in any of the sources or would like articles from any of the journals, please contact the office. Staff can look up particular topics of interest to you and put together a packet that suits your needs. While some books listed are out of print, others may be good suggestions for your own collection.


  • Old House Journal
  • Preservation (National Trust for Historic Preservation)
  • Preservation Forum (National Trust for Historic Preservation)
  • CRM: Cultural Resource Management CRM - Cultural Resource Management (National Park Service)
  • Victorian Homes

Technical Publications

  • Preservation Briefs - complete set: 1-41 (National Park Service)
  • Preservation Tech Notes - selected topics including windows, metals, masonry, woodwork and finishes (National Park Service)
  • Preservation Theory/Planning
  • Information Series (National Trust for Historic Preservation)



  • Cleaning Stone and Masonry, James R. Clifton, Editor
  • A Glossary of Historic Masonry Deterioration Problems and Preservation Treatments
  • Keeping it Clean: Removing Exterior Dirt, Paint, Stains and Graffiti from Historic Masonry Buildings by Anne E. Grimmer
  • Reviving Old Houses: Over 500 Low-Cost Tips and Techniques by Alan Dan Orme
  • Fabrics for Historic Buildings by Jane C. Nylander
  • Lighting for Historic Buildings by Roger W. Moss
  • Wallpapers for Historic Buildings
  • Floor Coverings for Historic Buildings by Helene Von Rosenstiel and Gail Caskey Winkler
  • Masonry
  • Restoration Manual Number 11 from editors of Old House Journal
  • Preservation Sourcebook, Mid-Atlantic Edition: The Comprehensive Directory of Products and Services for Historic Preservation and Restoration
  • How to Create Your Own Painted Lady: A Comprehensive Guide to Beautifying Your Victorian Home by Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen
  • The Complete Home Restoration Manual: An Authoritative, Do-It-Yourself Guide to Restoring and Maintaining the Older House by Albert Jackson and David Day
  • Renovating Brick Houses: For Yourself or for Investment by Phillip J. Decker and T. Newell Decker
  • Do-It-Yourself Projects For Your Own Backyard by Ernest V. Heyn and Alfred W. Lees
  • Rehab Right: How to Realize the Full Value of Your Old House by Helaine Kaplan Prentice and Blair Prentice
  • Conserving Buildings: A Manual of Techniques and Materials by Martin E. Weaver
  • Twentieth-Century Building Materials: History and Conservation, edited by Thomas C. Jester
  • Victorian Exterior Decoration: How to Paint Your Nineteenth-Century American House Historically by Roger W. Moss and Gail Caskey Winkler
  • Caring for Your Historic House by Heritage Preservation and National Park Service
  • Paint in America: The Colors of Historic Buildings Roger W. Moss, editor
  • Authentic Color Schemes for Victorian Houses: Comstock's Modern House Painting 1883 by E.K. Rossiter and F.A. Wright
  • Repairing Old and Historic Windows: A Manual for Architects and Homeowners from the New York Landmarks Conservancy
  • Historic Building Facades: The Manual for Maintenance and Rehabilitation from the New York Landmarks Conservancy
  • The Victorian Design Book: A Complete Guide to Victorian House Trim by Lee Valley
  • Victorian Woodturnings and Woodwork: The 1893 Blumer and Kuhn Catalog of Premium Millwork
  • Victorian Ornamental Carpentry by Ben Karp
  • Turn-of-the-Century Doors, Windows, and Decorative Millwork: The Mulliner Catalog of 1893
  • Roberts and Illustrated Millwork Catalog: A Sourcebook of Turn-of-the-Century Architectural Woodwork
  • Gaslighting in America: A Pictorial Survey, 1815 to 1910 by Denys Peter Myers
  • Illustrated Catalogue of American Hardware of the Russell and Erwin Manufacturing Company

Architectural History / Architectural Styles

  • Identifying American Architecture: A Pictorial Guide to Styles and Terms, 1600 to 1945 by John J.-G. Blumenson
  • A Field Guide to American Houses by Virginia and Lee McAlester
  • Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture
  • Sturgis and Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture and Building Volumes I-III
  • A Visual Dictionary of Architecture by Francis D.K. Ching
  • American Vernacular Interior Architecture, 1870 to 1940 by Jan Jennings and Herbert Gottfried
  • A Concise History of American Architecture by Leland M. Roth
  • American Architecture by David P. Handlin
  • The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture
  • Old House Dictionary: An Illustrated Guide to American Domestic Architecture 1600 to 1940 by Steven J. Phillips
  • The Visual Dictionary of American Domestic Architecture by Rachel Carley
  • 100 Turn-of-the-Century Brick Bungalows With Floor Plans by Manson Rogers

Historic Preservation Theory/Practice

  • Cultural Resource Laws and Practice: An Introductory Guide by Thomas F. King
  • The American Mosaic: Preserving a Nation's Heritage, edited by Robert E. Stipe and Antoinette J. Lee
  • Design Review in Historic Districts by Alice Meriwether Bowsher
  • History on the Line: Testimony in the Cause of Preservation by Richard W. Longstreth
  • Building on the Past, Traveling to the Future: A Preservationist's Guide to the Federal Transportation Enhancement Provision
  • Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, with Guidelines for Preserving, Rehabilitating, Restoring and Reconstructing Historic Buildings from the National Park Service
  • Procedural Due Process: A Guide for Preservation Commissions
  • Takings Law in Plain English
  • All About Old Buildings: The Whole Preservation Catalog from the National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Researching Heritage Buildings

National Register Bulletins

  • How to Complete the National Register Multiple Property Documentation Form
  • How to Apply the National Register Criteria for Evaluation
  • How to Complete the National Register Registration Form
  • Guidelines for Evaluating and Documenting Rural Historic Landscapes
  • Researching a Historic Property
  • Guidelines for Local Surveys: A Basis for Preservation Planning
  • Guidelines for Evaluating and Nominating Properties that Have Achieved Significance Within the Past Fifty Years
  • Defining Boundaries for National Register Properties

Walking Tours/Guide Books

  • Architecture and Construction in Cincinnati: A Guide to Buildings, Designers and Builders
  • Walking Cincinnati: 52 Scenic Hikes Through our Parks and Neighborhoods
  • Great Homes of the Queen City
  • Windows of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky
  • A Guide to Art and Architecture in Cincinnati's Parks

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