998 Monmouth Street
Newport, KY 41071



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Administrative Hours

Monday through Friday
8 am until 4:30 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Armstrong, Chris P.O. Email P.O. Chris Armstrong     
Arnberg, Daron Lt. Email Lt. Daron Arnberg     
Bailey, Kory P.O. Email P.O. Kory Bailey     
Baloglou, Dimitri P.O. (SRO) Email P.O. SRO Dimitri Baloglou     
Bleser, Connor P.O. Email P.O. Connor Bleser     
Boyd, Chris P.O. Email P.O. Chris Boyd     
Brown, Adam Lt. Email Lt. Adam Brown     
Bucchi, Josh Sgt Email Sgt. Josh Bucchi     
Colston, Kim Executive Secretary Email Kim Colston     
Combs, Joshua Cadet Email Cadet Joshua Combs     
Day, Herschel Lt. Col Email Lt. Col Herschel Day     
Delaney, Daniel Sgt Email Sgt. Daniel Delaney     
Dieters, Derick Traffic Email Derick Dieters     
Drohan, Kevin Captain Email Captain Kevin Drohan     
Eads, Ian P.O. Email P.O. Ian Eads     
Gabbard, Jason Detective Email Detective Jason Gabbard     
Ganns, Joe P.O. Email P.O. Joe Ganns     
Gallichio, Chris P.O. Email P.O. Chris Gallichio     
Haffey, Brandon Lt. Email Lt. Brandon Haffey     
Hall, Kent Sgt Email Sgt. Kent Hall     
Hauenstein, James P.O. Email P.O. James Hauenstein     
Hoppius, Larry P.O. (SRO) Email P.O. SRO Larry Hoppius     
Jones, Carla P.O. (SRO) Email P.O. SRO Carla Jones     
Kohls, Jeff Lt. Email Lt. Jeff Kohls     
Kunkel, Paul Captain Email Captain Paul Kunkel     
Lalumandier, Ronald P.O. Email P.O. Ronald Lalumandier     
Little, Kenneth P.O. Email P.O. Kenneth Little     
Lockman, Brett P.O. Email P.O. Brett Lockman     
McKinley, Marty P.O. Email P.O. Marty McKinley     
McKnight, Robert P.O.    
McNeil, Aaron P.O. Email P.O. Aaron McNeil     
Mayse, Taylor Traffic Email Taylor Mayse     
Moermond, Christopher P.O. Email P.O. Christopher Moermond     
Moeves, Adam Sgt Email Sgt. Adam Moeves     
Patton, Douglas P.O. Email P.O. Douglas Patton     
Powell, Donald P.O. Email P.O. Donald Powell     
Ramirez-Morales, Sergio P.O. Email P.O. Sergio Ramirez-Morales     
Ripberger, Trevor P.O. Email P.O. Trevor Ripberger     
Reynolds, Patrick P.O. Email P.O. Patrick Reynolds     
Samples, Jason P.O. Email P.O. Jason Samples     
Sewell, Robert P.O.    
Treller, Anthony Sgt Email Sgt. Anthony Treller     
Waldorf, Brian Sgt Email Sgt. Brian Waldorf     
Wear, Megan P.O. Email P.O. Megan Wear     
White, Chris P.O. Email P.O. Chris White     
Wiggins, Scott Detective Email Detective Scott Wiggins     
Zapata, Veronica Clerk Email Veronica Zapata     
Zebell, Josh P.O. Email P.O. Josh Zebell     

Administration Division 
Link: Administration Division Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Brown, Adam Administration Division Commander Email Adam Brown  859-655-2009  
Zapata, Veronica Records Clerk Email Veronica Zapata  859-292-3680  

Chief's Office 
Link: Chief's Office Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Colston, Kim Chief's Secretary Email Kim Colston  859-292-3625  
Day, Herschel Assistant Chief of Police Email Herschel Day     
Fangman, Christopher M. Chief of Police Email Christopher Fangman     

Community Services Division 
Link: Community Services Division Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Baloglou, Dimitri High School Resource Officer Email Dimitri Baloglou  859-292-3680  
Dieters, Derick Inter-Departmental Enforcement Team Officer Email Derick Dieters  859-292-3680  
Hoppius, Larry Intermediate School Resource Officer Email Larry Hoppius  859-292-3680  
Jones, Carla Primary School Resource Officer Email Carla Jones  859-292-3680  
Kunkel, Paul Community Services Division Commander Email Paul Kunkel  859-581-6965  
Steffen, Robert Inter-Departmental Enforcement Team Specialist Email Robert Steffen  859-292-3680  

Link: Criminal Investigations Division Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Boyd, Chris Detective (Narcotics) 859-655-2004  
Drohan, Kevin Criminal Investigations Division Commander 859-292-3626  
Gabbard, Jason Detective 859-655-2030  
Wiggins, Scott Detective 859-655-2047  
Zebell, Josh Detective 859-292-3628  

Field Training Program 
Link: Field Training Program Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bucchi, Joshua Field Training Supervisor Email Joshua Bucchi     
Kohls, Jeffrey Field Training Coordinator    

Link: Patrol Division Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Arnberg, Daron Patrol Division Commander 859-581-6969