Payroll Taxes

The Payroll Tax Rate is 2.5% of Gross wages earned in the City of Newport. These payments are required from the employer quarterly and due thirty days after the quarter end. Annual reconciliations are due by February 28. The City does recognize the FICA limit (which is $132,900 for 2019). For information on Payroll Taxes please call 859-292-3660.

Property Taxes

City tax bills are mailed each year by late September. These bills include the property taxes levied by the City and by the Newport Board of Education. The bills are payable on or before October 31st and are considered delinquent if they are postmarked after that date. For your convenience, the City typically extends the Finance and Administration hours for the collection of tax payments during the last days of October. A penalty of 10% is added to late bills and interest on delinquent bills accrues at 6% per annum (0.5% per month). The City mails bills to the property owner of record as of January 1. If your taxes are paid through an escrow account, it is your responsibility to forward a copy of the bill to your mortgage company and you as the owner will be held responsible for any delinquent fees.