Training Division


The goal of the Training Division is to offer quality training for each member at every level of the Fire Department. In addition to structural firefighting strategy and tactics, the Training Division also prepares and delivers in-house training to develop our engineers, company officers, and command officers.

EMS Training

EMS Training for EMT-Basics and Paramedics is administered through the EMS Training Committee under the direction of the EMS Coordinator.

Fire Training

Fire Training is conducted at the Company and Shift levels. Company Officers are responsible for planning and conducting a limited amount of company training from elective lesson plans to meet specific company needs.

On-Shift Fire Training is administered by the Fire Training Committee under the direction of the Training Officer. The Fire Training Committee is composed of experienced fire instructors from each shift that translate shift input into a training schedule that meets the department’s needs and requirements. Mutual aid departments are invited to participate in shift training and can contact a member of the Training Committee on their shift for specific dates and times of Shift Training.

The Training Officer also ensures compliance with State and Federal training requirements as well as proper documentation and recordkeeping.