Trash & Recycling Collection

Changes to trash and recycling collection went into effect July 1, 2017. Recycling collection is available to all residents at no additional cost and trash collection is once a week. Recycling is collected on the same day as trash. All Newport households currently have a Rumpke 95-gallon trash cart. (Residents may choose to use their own trash containers as long as it has a lid.) Residents received a 65-gallon recycling cart delivered to their home the last week of June 2017. All residents received a flyer mailed to their home detailing the changes and explaining what is acceptable in recycling collection and a postcard advising residents what their new collection day will be. You can also check the searchable map or the neighborhood overview (PDF) to find your collection day.

When & Where to Put Out Trash & Recycling

We ask that residents put both trash and recycling containers out for collection no earlier than 5 pm the day before collection and no later than 6 am on the day of collection. Collection of both trash and recycling will be from the area where you previously placed your trash can (for some this is an alley behind the home.)

Trash and recycling should not be put out earlier than 5 pm the evening before collection and containers must be brought in the day of collection. In extreme weather the trash may be collected earlier or later than usual - please be patient. (In the summer they may start a bit earlier than usual to try to "beat the heat", in winter they may come later than usual if snow or ice has slowed collection. Also in the summer there may occasionally be drivers covering additional routes due to vacations which may make collection on your route take a bit longer. If you observe that trash was collected from your neighbors homes but yours was missed even thought it was placed at the curb early, please call Rumpke to report the "missed pick up" at 859-472-7339.


There will be collection on July 4 (Independence Day). The only holidays with interrupted service are Christmas Day and New Year's Day, when those holidays fall on a regular collection day, those collections only will move to the next business day.

Large Items, Appliances & Bed Bugs

If you have a piece of furniture or other large item or excessive amounts of trash, please call Rumpke (877-786-7537) at least 24 hours before your regularly scheduled collection. Please keep in mind:

  • Television sets cannot exceed 32 inches for curbside pick-up. Watch for special disposal options during Litterfest in the spring and fall.
  • Any mattress or upholstered furniture that may be contaminated with bedbugs must be encased in disposable plastic for removal.
  • Carpet should be rolled and tied or duct taped in sections not longer than four feet in length.
  • Appliances containing refrigerant (such as air conditioners or freezers) must have the Freon removed by a certified technician and be marked with the appropriate sticker before being placed out for curbside collection.
  • According to Federal law, Rumpke is not permitted to accept batteries, tires, liquids, combustible materials or any items identified as hazardous.
  • Bulky materials including drywall, concrete, bricks, dirt or rocks are not acceptable.

Other Details

  • To learn more about our recycling program, watch the Rumpke Recycling Video.
  • Special large item disposal opportunities are announced in the spring and fall.
  • No dumping is allowed anywhere in the city. Violators who dump at the city garage or at other locations in the city can and will be cited. Cameras are often used in problem areas to identify and assist in the prosecution of violators. If you see someone dumping tires, furniture or other waste in alleys or anywhere in the city please call the Police immediately and report as much as you can such as the exact location and a description of the vehicle and person(s) you observed. Thank you for helping us keep Newport clean.
  • Trash containers should not exceed 30 gallons and waste wheelers are not to exceed 95 gallons. All garbage should be placed in watertight containers - that is a can or wheeler with a lid. Keeping a lid on your trash helps prevent blowing litter in our neighborhoods, clogged storm drains, and messes created by stray animals. Not having a lid on your trash is a citable offense.
  • Shrubs or loose materials may be placed at the curb for collection and should be placed in a container or tied in bundles not exceeding four feet in length and not exceeding 75 pounds. The waste wheelers provided by Rumpke are coded and can be tracked to the assigned address. If your can is missing please report this to the Police Department which will begin the process of getting a replacement can. If your can is badly worn and needs to be replaced, please call Rumpke at 859-472-7339.